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Importance of Search Engine Optimized Website

We are living in the digital age, where we carry a mobile smart phone around everywhere that we go. We browse information on the move. The information that we consume leads us to a purchase decision depending on what interest we have. This reason allow is enough to explain why we need to put focus on our website. Perhaps 10 years ago, when we still relied very much on traditional media, we think that website is secondary marketing tool. Today, its the other way round. If you put website as 2nd, your business will be placed on 2nd position against your competition.

We need a search engine optimized website so that your website can be crawled and index by search engine robots. These robots go round to millions of website per day to index and understand what the website is all about. The moment someone search for something, the robot crawls in billion microseconds to fetch the most relevant content from the multitude of sites around the world. If your website is not built well, your website will not be relevant for search result. This will mean that your website will never be found by the search engine for keywords which you want to rank for. Building a well optimized site is the number one prior before proceeding to link building.

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