Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing

Search Engine Marketing Helps You With Leads Generation and SEO

The foundation of online marketing starts from search engine marketing. There are many platforms where you can advertise and reach out to as many people as possible.

We have Google AdWords that provides search engine keywords search for anything under the sun. As you browse any website, chances are those website are serving you with Google display advertisements. Advertisements are following you around with re-marketing pixel set by advertisers to get repeat exposure till you finally click on their ad and view their products and services.

Advertising on Search Engine

Unlike SEO, search engine marketing or SEM in short, pushes promotional offer in a subtle indirect manner which does not make intrusion to what viewer are looking for. It is like a referring content which is relevant to the viewer. For example, this viewer is reading a blog about slimming. As she is reading the slimming tips, she cannot help but see the slimming consultant advertisement next to the article. At this point, she is looking for a solution that can help her reach her slimming goal fast! The article though useful, is not giving her the holistic solution to her urgent slimming desire. The rest of the story about this customer’s journey, you can guess it. She clicks the advertisement as soon as she finishes the article. She was led to this consultant website which provides her the promise of a dreamed body. She clicks the button to contact and she is on the list of the consultant who will be in contact with her in no time.

The above story just tells us how easy it can be, to get the right targeted audience through SEM. Such kind of advertising was not possible through traditional marketing.